I'm Colleen Baronet a portrait and lifestyle family photographer based out of Rayne, Louisiana. 

I am a wife and a mother of two. I hopelessly fell in love with photography a few years ago, and passion don't happen by accident.

My husband gifted me a camera because he was tired of me filling up the storage on my phone, and I needed something more legit. Oh, how he didn’t know what he sparked for me!

a little bit about me!

a little bit about ME!

A fire lit up, and I knew I needed to share the tug of holding onto family memories with others. As a mom, life goes quickly, so here is where my passions come to life.

Welcome to Colleen Baronet Photography, a professional family photographer telling stories one photo at a time.

 Collection A
$400: 15 digital files $100 gift credit

Collection B
 $600: 30 digital files $200 gift credit

Collection C
$800: All digital files $400 gift credit

a collection of your choice

Your Many Options


With your choice location, this session last about 6o mins. This session is a celebration of motherhood. 

capturing anticipation

a collection of your choice




Set in your home, these sessions usually last about 90 mins, and are typically held 2 weeks post-delivery. There will be minimal posing and your baby will often be in your arms. This go with the flow mentality will be based on your little one's spirit.

A star is born

Whether done outdoors with location of choice, or in home. These sessions last about 60 mins. I capture the fun, fibrous connection of your family in a relaxed manner. There will be loads of laughter, and opportunity to be present with your family.

the in betweens

A magical outlook happens when you know your purpose. Over the years, our family has endured tragic losses. It can highlight the importance of preservation. Blessings shine bright through healing, and this is why photography helped me. I have healed through taking photos, which has brought life into each snapshot. This craft is my creative outlet, embracing my faith and my purpose. I have the privilege to capture and document these blessed times.  Creating your story book of your family life is a gift. These gifts intermingle memories from the past and documents new chapters of life, and love. 

the story behind the story



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